Improving infrastructure in Govt. Schools

By DEMO PARTNER, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka
Improving infrastructure in Govt. Schools

Project Brief

TKM is addressing the lack of safe, clean learning environments, decaying infrastructure, and inadequate maintenance in government schools that dissuade children from attending school regularly. TKM is working to build modern pucca (solid) school buildings, equip them with functional toilets, and enhance schools with libraries and playgrounds. Through upgradation of the school environment, we are striving to motivate parents to send their children to school — leading to a sustained interest.

    Key Outcomes

    • 5 upgraded and reconstructed schools in Ramnagra.


  • Thematic Area: Education
  • Project Location: 
    Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka, India
  • Budget:  5,00,000
  • Beneficiaries: 11250
  • Minimum Donation:  500

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