About SocioLadder Retail Charity Program

The objective is to make donating so simple and effortless that it becomes a part and parcel of a person's economic life. The retail partners agree on a percentage of the bill amount that will be given to the SocioLadder Member in the form of a discount at the time of purchase and an equivalent amount will be contributed to charity by the restaurant. The charity to which the donations will be routed is assigned to the retail outlet based on the thematic preference of the retail partner. From the SocioLadder member standpoint, the members avail a certain percentage of discount on purchase at the retail partner outlets and become indirect contributors to charity. To become a SocioLadder member a person has to simply download the SocioLadder Mobile App/Register online and register using a phone number.

Key benefits to Donors

Enable members to pay a certain percentage of bill (Percentage value to be decided by restaurant ranging from 10% to 70%).

Contribution to Charity

Become the source of a good action by facilitating an indirect contribution to charity

Social Impact

Create social value and a positive social impact

Exclusive restaurants

Get access to a carefully curated list of exclusive restaurants


Avail discounts at exclusive restaurants

Feel Special

Experience outstanding customer experience at the SocioLadder retail partner outlets.